Facts & Figures

Publications of the Würth Group


In spite of the COVID-19 crisis, the Würth Group managed to improve sales slightly to EUR 14.4 billion in the 2020 fiscal year (2019: EUR 14.3 billion). This represents an increase of 1.0 percent. Adjusted for currency effects, growth came out at 2.0 percent. At EUR 775 million, the operating result also came out slightly higher than last year (2019: EUR 770 million), a result of the Group’s strict cost control measures. Reduced travel and conference costs in the wake of the pandemic contributed significantly to these cost savings, helping to compensate for COVID-induced sales collapses in usually profitable business units.



The number of employees increased slightly from 78,686 to 79,139 employees. In Germany, the Würth Group employs 24,514 people, 0.7 percent more than last year, with 33,176 employees worldwide working in the sales force.


Equity secures jobs and guarantees independence

The Würth Group remains a reliable and financially stable partner: The Würth Group's equity climbed 6.6 percent to EUR 5.9 billion in the last fiscal year, which corresponds to an increase of EUR 366 million. Thus, the equity ratio amounted to 43.8 percent at the end of the year (2019: 44.0 percent). The rating agency Standard & Poor’s confirmed the Würth Group’s “A/outlook stable” rating in 2020, underlining the stability of the Würth Group’s business model.


Optimistic outlook

Projections by leading economic institutes are again more optimistic, even though the dynamically developing rate of infections does not allow for accurate forecasts yet. The Group needs to continue to generate organic growth: by always being there for its customers, being active on the market, expanding its sales capacities and not least by gaining new market share through high performance and financial stability. The figures reported at the beginning of 2021 show that Würth keeps doing well throughout the pandemic: In the first quarter, the Group reported a sales plus of 10.3 percent year over year.

In Germany, Würth Group sales grew by 7.2 percent in the first three months, while sales growth came out at 12.6 percent outside Germany. Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG also started well into the new year, achieving year-over-year sales growth of 11.0 percent in the first three months.