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The fastener is the core product of the Würth Group, Würth is one of Europe's largest supplier of fasteners. The Group provides tens of thousands of high quality fasteners, and has a huge inventory basis. We offer our customers professional ORSY®, Kanban services, but also provide non-standard products according to customer needs.

C-Parts management

Under our service brand “CPS® – C-Parts Solutions”, we offer you customized supply concepts for production and consumption materials.

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CPS® includes storage and retrieval systems, warehousing, restocking and ordering systems, as well as consumption controlled supply modules such as “Kanban”, “shop-in-shop”, “just-in-time” and returnable container systems. E-procurement solutions enable direct ordering via barcode-scanning directly on-site where the articles are needed. Furthermore, we offer you on-site consultation and a telephone hotline to your personal contact. Thus, our C-Parts Solutions makes a valuable contribution to your corporate development by helping you to run a streamlined and cost-optimised purchase and logistics process.

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CPS®KANBAN - The kanban system

Würth controls the direct supply of hardware with bar coded container systems. These systems provide hassle-free supply and optimum process security. Every container movement is recorded and documented, giving our customers constant access to information about its status in the Kanban System. The system is based on specially developed software and our state-of-the-art Kanban Logistics Center in Bad Mergentheim. All deliveries are scheduled for the time they are needed, stock and warehouse technology are optimised regularly and statistics are updated frequently. We can also process special parts and custom designed parts efficiently. Taking all of your departments into consideration, our employees will work with you to plan your specific and cost-efficient solution. We will help you to implement your new system and to standardise your clients' products.