Würth Arvid Nilsson

Arvid Nilsson was founded in 1918, its headquarter is located in Denmark. Up to now, Arvid Nilsson has more than 90 years history. The company enjoys good reputation in Europe and accounts for big portion of market share. For years, Arvid Nilsson has always devoted to fastener R&D and manufacture. With lots of Europe and US customer launch their plant in China (Ericsson, ABB and 3M etc.), Arvid Nilsson came into China in year of 2001 and therefore “Arvid Nilsson Logistics & Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd” was founded. Meanwhile the company setup his inspection lab and warehouse. The company target to serve Europe and US customers that setup their plants in China.

  • In 2008, Arvid Nilsson Group was acquired by Würth Group.
  • In 2012, Würth Arvid Nilsson Logistics & Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd moved into new location (Block A, No. 10, Jinwen Road, Pudong District, Shanghai), the company’s report line has officially been changed to Würth Group.
  • In August, 2013, Würth Arvid Nilsson Logistics & Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd formally started SAP implementation project and connected into Würth SAP global network at October, 2013.
  • In July, 2015, to optimize group resource and to improve overall competitiveness, previous fastener business (include all asset, employees and customers) of Würth Line China was officially merged into Würth Arvid Nilsson Logistics & Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Nowadays, Würth Arvid Nilsson Logistics & Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Würth group in China. The company’s target customer is China's high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises. The company is committed to provide customized systems and services to help customers achieve "zero inventory", thereby reducing operating costs and improve productivity.