On September 14, 2006, Prof. Würth signed a cooperation agreement with the vice mayor of Shenyang City at the German chancellors residence in the presence of the German Chancellor and the Chinese Premier. Würth Industrial Park will be established in Shenyang-EU Economic Development Zone. The fasteners manufacturing base and logistic base will be set up for the first phase.

On August 1, 2007, a ground breaking ceremony was held at Shenyang-EU Economic Development Zone. The construction of the Würth Industrial Park in Shenyang has been started. The first production enterprise-Arnold Fasteners(Shenyang) Co., Ltd. was also established.

Würth Industrial Park Shenyang was constructed according to the German standard. At present, there are multiple enterprises in Würth Industrial Park Shenyang.


Würth Industrial Park Shenyang is located in Shenyang-European Union Economic Development Zone/Automotive City in Liaoning Province of China. Vehicle manufacturers BMW (Dadong), GM and Brilliance as well as numerous automobile suppliers are all within a 15 km range of the Industrial Park.


Würth Industrial Park Shenyang could provide sufficient development space and flexible solution for the prospective enterprises, including business office area, standard workshop and customized workshop.

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