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Würth Industrie Service

With 75 years‘ experience on providing solutions in fasteners, chemicals, tools, and inventory management, the Industry Division of Würth Group is responsible for the supply of industrial customers with C-parts components and logistics services. With a wide range of more than 1,000,000 C-parts and a unique logistics supply concept, Würth Industrie Service is the competent partner for the Industry.

Würth Industry China adheres to the Würth German Industrie Service model, providing continuous and stable services as well as product quality to Chinese industrial customers, and provides customized logistics solutions under Industry 4.0 to help companies improve production efficiency and make their factories leaner.

More than 1,000,000 C-parts

Würth Industry China has a wide range of industrial materials, such as fasteners, chemicals, PPE and so on. These products for industrial use have laid a solid foundation for industrial manufacturing.

Standard parts
Fasteners and Fixing

The core of C-parts management are fasteners. Our wide range of standard articles covers numerous applications in a wide variety of industries.

DIN or ISO catalog

Meaning of C-parts management
Special parts

In addition to standard parts, we also supply you reliably with customer-specific special parts and drawing parts. Including construction support and individual supply concept.


Everything from a single source
Everything from a single source

Our product range comprises more than 1,100,000 articles. Including fasteners in the area of standard and special parts as well as MRO products.

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Maximum of Supply Security

A maximum of supply and process security for the customer and maximum assurance of the system and product quality are at the forefront of our delivery concepts. With the "6 R's rule", i.e. delivering the right quantity and quality of the right product at the right time, at the right price, to the right location, supply security is at the heart of the daily business of Würth Industry China.

Würth Group Greater China Central Distribution Center

With our unique, individual logistics concepts and innovative automation technologies, we supply all of our customers directly from our Central Distribution Center in Zhejiang Haiyan.


Kanban for supply production equipment
Efficient supply of production resources

The two-container system with RFID technology for automatic replenishment offers maximum supply security. Just in time and exactly where you need it.


Vending machines
Maximum security in your materials management

Our ORSY®mat solutions combine simple stocking and dispensing of auxiliary and operating materials with automated, needs-based procurement.


The second largest quality lab in Würth Group ensures the high quality of materials

High quality is also the reason for you to choose Würth. Würth Industry China has quality lab in Haiyan which have been certified by major authoritative organizations to protect the high quality of materials you purchase.

Quality Lab
Test Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced testing equipment covering all the testing requirements of fasteners, like dimensions, materials, mechanical properties, surface treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, friction coefficient and all the other types of testing.

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Quality Management
Professional Quality Management

Perfect systematic quality and process management add another piece of insurance for your product quality.


More services meet your need

Except our C-Parts management services, a variety of advanced supporting services such as additive manufacturing and Holomaintenance have already launched.

Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing

Based on 3D digital model layer by layer production molding, to help you quickly manufacture complex products.

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HoloMaintenance is a remote assistance platform that helps professionals in manufacturing and maintenance companies to remotely carry out complex technical or troubleshooting tasks for the installed machinery.

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Kits and Sets
Kits and Sets

Reduce your logistics costs and optimize your production control by providing customized kits.

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