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About us

The Würth Group entered China in 1994 and established its first sales company in China as a foundation in this country. Now Würth China has developed into a dynamic business entity of the Würth Group.

Our Headquarter Office is located in Shanghai with an office area of more than 4,000 square meters, including an advanced training center for the divisions - Auto Aftermarket, MRO, Construction, Wood, and Transportation.

From our Central Distribution Center in Haiyan, 1.5 hours away from Shanghai, we deliver to our target customers in the auto aftermarket, equipment and facility repair & maintenance, construction, and transportation areas all over China. Our telesales team is also located in Haiyan, from here they complement the sales force across China’s 100 biggest cities.

We have branch offices all over China to provide timely sales of high-quality chemicals, tools, PPE, material processing, anchors, fasteners, and our ORSY system solutions.

Why Choose Würth?

Product Quality

Strictly required

Product Quality

How do you understand quality?

Würth define it as sensitivity to customer needs. The demands and requirements from customers are not only challenges to us, but also the basis of our commitment.


System Solutions

Würth not only provide high-quality products, but also provide you with customized system solutions.

  • ORSY® - A system to order in your warehouse
  • ORSY®mat - Würth industrial intelligent storage management system
  • REFILLO® - A convenient, economical and eco-friendly self-spraying canning system

System Solution



Würth provide global peer-to-peer services. As a professional technical advisor near you, Würth not only provide high-quality products, but also provide you with the best service.

  • On-site support
  • Training
  • After-sales services
  • Supply chain management


Want to chat one-on-one with Würth China technicians? Want to know more product details? Würth China is represented at various fairs. Get to know our company and range of services directly on-site!


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