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Würth Line China Lab


How do you understand quality?

Würth defines it as sensitivity to customer needs. Problems, needs and requirements from our customers are our challenges and the basis of our commitment. Würth has a strong R&D team of 120 people, with a number of utility model and design patents.

The whole product R&D process is based on the opinions of independent institutions, colleges and universities, and customer advisory committee, as well as the customer suggestions with practical guidance. Only when the quality standards are fully met can new products be put into the market.

Large test laboratories of Würth companies worldwide


Occupying an area of 800 square meters, Würth China's laboratory is made up of five test rooms and one sample room on two floors. It is equipped with a full range of state-of-the-art fastener testing equipment and 15 testers with eight years of professional experience in average, to provide quality control and customized testing service.


Specialists in connection technology

As innovative pioneers, we respond to requests from all over the world and in doing so, do not shy away from exploring new approaches. We train materials testers year after year, thus securing the technical competence of our team. Except various of dimensional test, our laboratory highlights include the friction coefficient testing machine for connection technology, which can test screws up to size M48. All kinds of hardness test methods and metallographic microscope. Spectrometer and for material analysis and charpy V test.A salt spray chamber is used for corrosion testing. Within Würth Industrie Service, we inspect connection elements for business areas such as goods receipt, initial sample testing, and application consulting and complaints management.

Technology and expertise perfectly combined

Our technical facility is extensive, modern and of a high quality. It is the prerequisite for our wide range of services, oriented to the current and future requests and requirements of our customers.

5 Testing Rooms & 1 Sample Room

Dimension Test

Calipers (0 – 1000mm), micrometers (0 – 25mm), thread gage (M2 – M80) and other equipments for fastener dimension

Dimension Test

Tensile Test

Tensile Test

• 4 tensile testers for basic properties investigation.

• Testing from M3 to M48

Material Analysis & Hardness Test

• Spectrometer can easily analyses 20 different elements which are most often added in the fastener material with accuracy 0.01%.

• Microscope to make sure parts are heat-treated with right microstructure such as marten site.

• Plus impact tester to make sure parts are not brittle even hardness is within range.

Material Analysis & Hardness Test 1
Material Analysis & Hardness Test 2

• HRC – routine test

• HV10 – reference test

• HV0.3 – combined with microscope to detect fault during heat treat

Corrosion Resistance Test (salt spray & coating thickness)

• 0 – 100 μm thickness measuring of single and combined coating material.

• Salt spray can find out how many hours parts get rust (white and red) under 5% NaCl spray.

Corrosion Resistance Test

Friction Test

Friction Test

Friction rate: 0.08 – 0.20, aim to get similar axial load between individual fastener units.

Sample Preparing

Samples need to be prepared with horizontal and shining surface.

Sample Preparing

Accreditation certificate

As one of the best equipped laboratories of the Würth Group and the IEC/ISO17025 accredited (established by CNAS and A2LA) laboratory, it provides services for the Group, China and other countries in the Asian Pacific region.

Würth China Quality Laboratory