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How does WÜRTH supports warehousing efficient and clear?

  • Tools, screws, PPE – nothing works without your work materials! If one is missing, the work comes to a standstill.
  • Würth ORSY solutions make it so easy to procure materials and warehousing that nothing is missing and everything has its fixed place. Whether in the workshop or on the road, you always have all parts, tools and auxiliary materials within reach and always ready for use.

Save time and money, ORSY® is much more than a shelving system.

The idea for this shelf was the spark for the new ORSY® system over 40 years ago.

A shelving system for C-parts and consumables, modularly designed, precisely adapted to the needs and workflows of each individual customer.

Small parts such as screws, nuts, adhesives and sealants play more of a role in the cost and efficiency balance of your business than you’d think. The time spent on procurement is often more of a cost factor than the materials themselves.

    • Optimum utilization of storage area
    • Even in the smallest space
    • One contact person for procurement and storage
    • Constant availability of products
    • Reduced procurement costs
    • Fast, secure direct picking
    • Cleaning of the shelf by the sales rep
    • Automatic reordering by sales rep
    • Sales rep adapts products to current needs
    • Sales rap is consultant and warehouse clerk
  • Security
    • Reduction of waste
    • Not available without authorization
  • Applicability and flexibility
    • No delivery time, direct use
    • Better than traditional online purchasing
    • Basis for modular solutions
    • Quick access to each unit: output/input
    • Full service: no requirement for internal transfer
  • Transparency
    • Automatic identification of errors or misoperations
    • Clear analysis of the cost reasons for the increase in real demand
    • No normal work order approval process required
    • Data collation to customer ERP system
  • Automatic order
    • Eliminate tedious handwritten orders
    • Better than traditional online purchasing
    • Plug and play configuration
    • No need for customer system integration

REFILLO® - a convenient, economical and eco-friendly self-spraying canning system

  • Avoid waste caused by discarding of half-empty pipes
  • Reduce inventory risk, and conduct real-time detection
  • Low cost, and easy to operate
  • Perfect cooperation with ORSY® shelf system