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Advantages of ORSY®




ORSY® - is a system used to place orders in your storage.With an intelligent ordering system and regular maintenance by Würth sales representatives, ORSY® can reduce your procurement and warehousing costs.




ORSY®mat, Würth industrial intelligent storage management system



  • Not available without authorization
  • Reduction of waste

Applicability and flexibility

  • No delivery time, direct use
  • Better than traditional online purchasing
  • Basis for modular solutions
  • Quick access to each unit: output/input
  • Full service: no requirement for internal transfer


  • Automatic identification of errors or misoperations
  • Clear analysis of the cost reasons for the increase in real demand
  • No normal work order approval process required
  • Data collation to customer ERP system

Automatic order

  • Eliminate tedious handwritten orders
  • Better than traditional online purchasing
  • Plug and play configuration
  • No need for customer system integration

REFILLO® brings you convenience

REFILLO® - a convenient, economical and eco-friendly self-spraying canning system

  • Avoid waste caused by discarding of half-empty pipes
  • Reduce inventory risk, and conduct real-time detection
  • Low cost, and easy to operate
  • Perfect cooperation with ORSY® shelf system


CPS®Class c product solutions

Würth's warehouse management is a set of process management concepts for C-type products and services. The purpose is to save a lot of costs by optimizing the operation process of the entire order of the material basin.

Würth functions:

  • Fulfill all the points of the CPS®KANBAN process
  • Collect empty bins and return
  • Instant delivery of containers and storage for each required place
  • Cargo replenishment

The objectives of the CPS®KANBAN service:

  • Optimize or reduce stagnation
  • Shorten the logistics process
  • 100% timeliness
  • reduce costs
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce the variety of goods

Customer benefits:

  • Out of stock
  • No need to inquire and arrange orders
  • No need to harvest, store and redistribute
  • No statistics
  • Proofreading of waybills and invoices is extremely easy
  • Significantly reduce supply


  • Radio frequency technology is applied to the management solution of C materials
  • The data of the material box is directly transmitted from the customer's production line to the Würth central warehouse through wireless radio frequency
  • Real-time monitoring of fluctuations in material consumption
  • Automatic replenishment, no need to scan or enter manually