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Operating materials get out of hand?

Procurement and logistics steal time and nerves?

Materials management simply costs too much energy?

This looks like a job for ORSY®mat

Our vending machines offer you a holistic concept for auxiliary and operating materials. We take care of the delivery, storage and stocking up to the fully automatic replenishment, with a maximum of flexibility and directly at the point of use. In our opinion: Our vending machines are real super talents.

And a super win for you:

Your C-Parts in the required quantity, at the right time, in the right quality directly at the point of use.

Our super strengths:

  • Accessible storage
  • Login with all common RFID customer cards
  • Highest possible process transparency
  • Modular design
  • Easy implementation without your IT
  • Reduced costs
  • Fully automatic reordering

Your super power

  • Optimized warehouse and inventory management
  • Automated ordering processes
  • Decentralized material supply
  • Your individual product range
  • 24/7 availability of goods
  • Lean processes



The rotation system combines high flexibility with maximum of supply security due to individually adjustable compartment sizes. This system is suitable for securely guided dispensing of various small or medium-sized items, such as drills, bits and batteries.

Super strengths:

  • Individually assembled according to your requirements with regard to assortment variety, item size and quantity
  • Offers 4 to 48 compartments per level
  • Up to 384 different items
  • Dispensing of packaging units or single items

The helix based system is the optimal solution for dispensing single units of frequently required auxiliary and operating materials, such as gloves, screwdrivers, spare parts, rechargeable batteries, building supplies, PPE and much more.

Super strengths:

  • Up to 48 different products and 1,000 units
  • Flexible number and sizes of spirals
  • Dispensing of single items, advantageous e.g. for gloves
  • Fast finding of items due to "storefront effect"

The flap based vending machine ORSY®mat FP enables the storage and provision of various high-quality and bulky commodities and consumables.

Super strengths:

  • Available in ten variants with up to 72 flaps
  • Removal of entire packaging units
  • Quickly find the right items

ORSY®mat WGT - Weighing system

The removal of articles from the weighing system works in the same way as with a conventional material cabinet. Due to integrated weighing cells and the stored article weight, several articles can be removed simultaneously in any number. This makes the system particularly flexible and fast. The technology is suitable for a wide variety of articles, e.g. protective suits, adhesive tapes protective goggles, but also bits.


  • Up to 80 different articles
  • Removal identification through integrated load cells
  • For almost all auxiliary and operating materials
  • Simultaneous removal of several articles
  • Individual removals possible independent of the packaging unit