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The variety of MRO related product categories covering hand tools, power tools, fasteners, chemicals, personal protective equipment, workshop equipment, measuring tools, cutting abrasive, electrical materials and a full range of materials and stocking management system, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers.


Würth Group base on the long-term development and evolution of the German automotive industry, and have been widely recognized for providing high-quality car care products and professional tools for car companies and their after-sales services worldwide. Würth takes customer needs as the priority and solves problems as our mission. Our sales representatives shuttle through various auto maintenance workshops and provide products and services that meet customer needs in real time.



Würth provides the construction industry with a full range of professional products and supporting system solutions. The main products include chemical anchors for engineering, metal anchors, VARIFIX anti-seismic supporting hanger system, engineering-level professional construction tools, various functional chemicals and equipment lubrication and anti-rust maintenance products, PPE, etc.


Since entering the Chinese market in 1994, Würth has witnessed China’s complicated transportation network development. Würth also realizes China has huge demand on the need of rail transportation, commercial vehicles, ships, passenger vehicles and freight transport. Würth dedicates in providing equipment maintenance services, in order to ensure the transportation safety as our mission. Meanwhile we provide customers with professional operation products and related solutions as we always expect ourselves to grow together with our customers.



Würth Group provide professional products and services for the door and window decoration industry. Würth inherits the German craftsmen spirit and rigorous standardized installation process, and provides high-quality materials and professional tools for the majority of door and window manufacturers, door and window installation service personnel, and other home improvement industry markets.

Würth German Style Car Maintenance

Würth originated from the birthplace of the first car - Baden-Württemberg, Germany and has nearly 80 years of service experience in German-style car maintenance. Würth accumulates rich experience in products and services, and demonstrates them under professional German quality and rigor in daily services with our customers. Our core concept is to provide the "Würth German Style Car Maintenance" to every car owners. "Run a German-style Car Shop, Be a Real Car Owner” is our value proposition, strictly following the German-style standard operating procedures to maintain the cars. Würth wants to bring an immersive experience to every customer who visits a Würth Auto Shop, just like coming to “An Auto Shop from Germany”, where provides a full series of chemical products and tool equipment for car care and maintenance for the automotive industry.