The long-term and very successful partnership between FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) and Würth will continue in 2018 with an option for 2019 and beyond.

For the rally teams and drivers in the APRC the Würth partnership has provided the best automotive and chemical products on the market, backed up with technical advice. Rally team engineers provide feedback on Würth products, especially useful when rallying is one of the toughest of all motorsports, often held in extreme and remote areas.

Serge Oppedisano, CEO of Würth Australia & New Zealand and Member of the Asia Pacific Strategy Board of Würth Group said, “The relationship with APRC is one that we value highly. It allows us to reach a large portion of end users and customers and showcase what Würth can deliver in terms of its high quality products and systems in a tough and often challenging environment. Würth passion for all forms of Motorsport has been one that we have enjoyed for many years and the FIA APRC is a great backdrop for our local Asia Pacific market.”

APRC President Vicky Chandhok welcomed Würth’s on-going support, “On behalf of the FIA APRC, as its President I am indeed very pleased that Würth & the APRC continue their partnership. The uniqueness of the APRC spread across 6 countries in different continents is certainly the most challenging championship in terms of logistics & we are glad & grateful that Würth continues to support the FIA APRC”.

For the teams and engineers that are running the latest factory built rally cars the continuation of the Würth-APRC partnership is great news, “The continued Würth support to the APRC is fantastic news for competitors. It is a perfect match really, we get great products to use and to show case them in the toughest conditions”, said Lane Heenan CEO of Racetorque Engineering that runs the championship winning MRF Skoda R5 Fabia’s.

Lindsay Liu

Marketing & System Dept.