Wuerth E-shop Adds New Function--Online Payment is in Place


Wuerth E-shop (eshop.wuerth.cn) officially implemented online payment function on January 22nd. From now on, our customers will be able to complete the online payment conveniently on Wuerth E-shop.

When the function was online for a week, Wuerth E-shop successfully received Alipay payment orders and P2P bank transfer order. We will continue to optimize the payment process in the future and further improve our customer experience.

About online payment function: For the original account settlement customers, they can still choose the account settlement at the E-shop to place the order, while for the customers with pre-payment, they need to complete the online payment to place the order. At present, the online payment function offers support for Alipay payment and the following P2P bank transfer. WeChat payment function will be online in the near future.