Würth Products Show in IFT Rosenheim Seminar in Pinghu


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From 24th to 28th December 2018, the IFT Rosenheim (IFT) seminar “German technique and regulation in door, window and curtain wall industry (expert level)" took place in Pinghu (near Shanghai), China. In represent of Würth China (WCN), Dongxiao Li, the director of the Construction Division, led sales Qin Ke, Xin Dong and Wenbo Zhang to participate in the seminar.

The seminar mainly targeted at group of general managers, chief engineers and designers in door, window and curtain wall enterprises across China. A total of about 90 participants and more than 50 door and window companies attended the event. The courses mainly introduce the basic theories of door and window structure, anti-theft theory, and CE marking of EU building product regulations. During the training, IFT also mentioned Würth's self-tapping anchor screws, and introduced that these screws can be used in installation for windows and doors to achieve beautiful appearance and solid fastening.


Würth’s professional door and window installation products were displayed at the seminar site. Products including VKP® sealing tapes, series of AMO® self-tapping anchor screws, glass cleaners, as well as Würth’s power tools, hand tools and measuring tools, drew attentions and enthusiastic inquiries from many seminar participants. Mr. Cheng, the GM of Beijing Zhongshi Lanhai Enterprise Planning Co., Ltd., also showed great interest in Würth's ORSY® system concept and further inquired about the complete system solution for door and window products and quotation.

Founded in 1966, IFT is the world's leading testing institution and provider of door, window and curtain wall product supervision for market access services. It has about 5,000-6,000 inspection programs per year and conducts quality inspection and supervision for more than 1,300 companies. IFT holds training seminars and technique promotions in the door, window and curtain wall areas globally every year. IFT also has a good relationship with Würth for a long time in Germany, since Würth has rich experiences and a complete product line in the field of door and window installation.

For this seminar, WCN Marketing Department and Product Department collaborated to produce a Chinese version flyer of the door and window series products to assist the sales team. Marketing Department and Product Department will continue to offer supports in the future, in order to let more Würth’s door- and window- related products be widely recognized in the Chinese market.