Cooperation Agreement Signed Between Würth and Haiyan Polytechnic School Boosting Talent Supply in Haiyan



On the afternoon of April 11, 2019, Würth (China) Co., Ltd (Würth China) signed a cooperation agreement with Haiyan Polytechnic School on talent training, base construction, internship, career, etc. Mr. Linfeng Yang, Director of Haiyan County Bureau of Education, Mr. Zhongyue Lu, Deputy Director of Haiyan County Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Mr. Larry Stevens, CEO of Würth China, Mr. Wen Liu, Director of Warehouse Operations & Logistics Division, Ms. Haidi Yu, HR Director, Mr. Yongxiang He, Principal of Haiyan Polytechnic School, other related leaders, and teachers and students of the school’s logistics major attended the signing ceremony.

Situated in Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, Haiyan Polytechnic School is a technical school focusing on advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. It is a national key vocational school, with 16 majors including numerical control technology, machining, mechanical and electrical technology, electrical and electronics, auto inspection and maintenance, auto commercial assessment. In line with market demand, the school opened a major on logistics in 2017. Würth China was honored to participate in and support the development of this new major. As cooperation between the company and the school initiated, Würth China would not only set up a Würth special scholarship, but also appoint senior professionals to the school to share their experience and knowledge on a regular basis. Würth China will also serve as an off-campus training base, providing a nice platform for students where they can work and study, do an internship and even find a career.


Later in the afternoon, Mr. Larry Stevens and his group visited Haiyan Polytechnic School accompanied by school leaders and teachers. During the visit, Mr. Larry Stevens repeatedly said that he was deeply impressed by the school’s rigorous management, tidy campus, its focus in strong majors and the spirit of advancing with the times. When he was introduced to the majors of industrial robots, numerical control technology and machining, he pointed out the prospect of Würth China and Haiyan Polytechnic School working in many other areas to create more training, internship and job opportunities.

Mr. Linfeng Yang, Director of Haiyan County Bureau of Education, pointed out that vocational school education needs the close participation of companies in order to cultivate professionals more compatible with market demand. Würth, rooted in Germany, is an energetic company with many strengths. Haiyan Polytechnic School boasts outstanding efficiency in teaching thanks to its advanced educational concepts. Both parties will share resources, forging a close cooperation relationship, working together to cultivate students' professional accomplishment, broadening graduates’ career horizon and building up a strong supply of talent, leading logistics onto a brand new track of development. Mr. Yongxiang He, Principal of Haiyan Polytechnic School, called for all students to cherish the opportunity, put more efforts into study and sharpen their professional skills, and encouraged them to explore and practice more so that they would one day become highly skilled technicians who are indispensable to companies and communities.


At the signing ceremony, Mr. Larry Stevens and Mr. Yongxiang He signed on the agreement as respective representatives to the company and the school. This successful signing marked the formal initiation of cooperation. From this point on, the two parties will continue to explore more ways and forms of cooperation, enrich contents of the relationship and deliver better results, as an effort to cultivate more and higher skilled technicians for Würth and Haiyan County.