Würth China Attend the 3rd Seminar of Vehicle Equipment Operation and Maintenance of China Urban Railway Transit



On June 28th to 29th , Würth China attend the 3rd Seminar of Vehicle Equipment Operation and Maintenance of China Urban Railway Transit for 2019. This seminar had two topics, which were “vehicle operation and maintenance” and “equipment operation and maintenance”. The seminar aimed to build a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences of vehicle equipment operation and maintenance in the urban rail transit industry. It also provided an opportunity for participants to exchange rail transit case studies, in terms of domestic and abroad cases. Würth China also displayed the system solution products, such as CPS®KANBAN and ORSY® , and other rail transit related products at the event site.


During the seminar, Würth China participants discussed with experts about China urban railway transit industry’s future development. To date, Würth China serves many urban railway customers around China by offering them system solutions and C-parts management solutions. On the event site, Würth China also brought CPS®KANBAN and ORSY® prodcuts to demonstrate how they help railway customers to improve efficiency and save time for C-parts management. From conversations with our booth visitors, we were glad to learn that many of them were experts in the rail transit field and they had used Würth products before. They recognized Würth products’ quality and gave positive feedback to Würth products.


With the development of China's Urban Railway Transit, it is estimated that the railway transit line will achieve 6,000 km by 2020. China will become the country with the largest number of rail transit routes, the fastest development, and the largest equipment demand in the world. In the future, this huge market will have large demands for equipment operation and maintenance, as well as vehicle operation and maintenance. In order to cope with the development of the rail transit industry, Würth China has established the CARGO division to better serve the urban rail transit industry in China. This seminar gave Würth China rich insights for further developing business in the rail transit industry.