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September 8-10, the fourth station of 2017 China GT China Grand Tour Championship has been staged in Shanghai international circuit. After took the first place in Zhuhai station, Xtreme Motorsports team returned to Shanghai and the Shanghai international circuit by a strong offensive, the champions league and the harvest season three trophies:, in final of the seventh round ShiLiang/Naomi Schiff drive KTM X - BOW GT4 won the bronze GT4 group; Xuwei/Lingkang lead the Radical RXC Turbo to have won the runner-up title of GTC group. In the eighth round, Lingkang/LuQifeng won the title of the GT4 group by driving KTM X-BOW GT4 with absolute advantage.

Xtreme Motorsports car racing team owns the UK Radical and Austrian KTM brand racing car and sports car, and is responsible for brand promotion and event operations. Xtreme Motorsports team will use the powerful brand of professional resources for drivers in European to provide the best quality of service. With Radical and KTM brand influence in the field of international racing and product advantages to promote two branding for becoming new emerging force in China racing car.

Lindsay Liu

Marketing & System Dept.