Würth System Solutions Implemented in KUKA Robotics Workshop in China


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Headquartered in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany, KUKA Robotics Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “KUKA”) is one of the global leading manufacturers of industrial robots. As a pioneering company of Industry 4.0, KUKA is vigorously seeking ways to upgrade and improve its production mode as an effort to propel the development of intelligent manufacturing. This demand resonates with what Würth (China) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Würth”) would like to offer with system solutions, so the foundation for cooperation is naturally laid.

With remarkable services in industrial systems and crafts, Würth is expanding business quickly. Currently, the company has in place a well-established sales & service network in more than 100 cities across China. Würth not only provides clients with high-quality products but also customized system solutions, and at the same time offers assistance in intelligent management.

To help KUKA realize intelligent system management, Würth system solutions was finally implemented in KUKA workshop phase II (controller workshop) in Songjiang, Shanghai, China after numerous investigations and discussions over production line products. Apart from REFILLO®, ORSY® and ORSY®mat, which are well known in Chinese market, CPS® iShelf is also implemented as the first one in China.

REFILLO®, the convenient, economical- and environmental-friendly system for manual refilling of spray cans transforms chemical management in KUKA. Explicit and implicit costs on chemicals saved for KUKA and feedbacks from production line users on the degree of convenience are all evidence to the success of chemical management upgrading. With modular storage units, ORSY® makes the management of chemicals and fasteners more efficient. Quick access to materials, transparent storage monitoring, customized storage solution, easy-to-read product labels and clear arrangement of materials, all of which have renewed the factory inside out.

The innovative control system of ORSY®mat directly communicates with Würth industry ERP system and supports stocktaking and replenishment of consumables, tools and other lines of products (eg. personal protective equipment) in real time. The system incorporates efficient automated procurement and highly flexible storage and supply of MRO. CPS® iShelf is highly appreciated by KUKA for its automated data acquisition and transmission and becomes a highlight in factory management.

Würth’s intelligent system solution is set to bring new improvements to the management of KUKA China Workshop and has built a solid foundation for its future efficient development. As all system applications are in place, the cooperation between Würth and KUKA is strengthening. The two companies are now engaging in active discussions and plans about future cooperation. There is no doubt that the powerful union will lead both parties to the new era of Industry 4.0 hand in hand.