Würth China Participate in CWP


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On October 17, 2018, China Wind Power Conference and Exhibition (“CWP”) opening ceremony was held at China International Exhibition Center. Same as the past CWPs, this year’s CWP, ranking as the top wind power exhibition in Asia and the third around the world, has attracted complete machine manufacturers and parts firms.

Würth China (“Würth”), as an established player in fastener manufacturing, is closely involved in wind power industry. Würth always puts a focus on making fasteners for wind power and has strict control over quality, so fasteners produced by Würth are widely recognized by many wind turbine manufacturers.

During this year’s CWP, Würth has brought some frequently used fasteners for wind power and some other tools. These products share one thing in common: high quality. With the strong support of Würth labs equipped with sophisticated testing devices and highly qualified researchers, Würth fasteners are all strictly examined in every detail to ensure high quality.

At CWP 2018, Würth fasteners have received unanimous good reviews from many companies. This is their acknowledgment of Würth products’ quality and will motivate Würth to keep providing best quality products for its partners. Würth will continue to support the development of industries including wind power industry by providing high quality fasteners.