Share fusion development —Wuerth Line China and Haiyan deepen economic and trade cooperation


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2018 China Haiyan South-North Lake Cultural Tourism Festival & Haiyan Trade Fair was opened on October 19. The trade fair was themed on “creating advanced industrial clusters and jointly achieving high-level development in industries, environment and people’s living in Haiyan”. During the event, businessmen from China and abroad, leaders from representative companies in characteristic industries and foreign representatives from foreign-invested companies in Haiyan have gathered to exchange ideas on Haiyan’s economic development.

Wuerth Line China (“Wuerth”), as an established foreign-invested company in Haiyan, was invited to the event. Mr. Larry Stevens, CEO of Wuerth Line China presented at the fair and delivered a speech as a special guest. In his speech, he talked about Haiyan as an important part in Wuerth’s business development which, depending on its premium location and policy advantages, brings great potential for Wuerth supply chain in Greater China Line Wuerth CDC phase II will be revealed in this December. The project will cover an area of 39,000 square meters and will provide logistic support for the Asia-Pacific region including Southeast Asia and South Korea. This marks yet another milestone in Wuerth’s growth, pointing towards the company’s further investment and development in Haiyan.

In addition, the first Haiyan Quality Industrial Product Fair was held at the county stadium, on which Wuerth has brought quality fasteners, distinctively modern and smart system solutions, as well as tools representing German quality. The dazzling display of products, detailed product descriptions and professional presenters highlighted the booth and attracted a large audience.

With a large variety of products and smart solutions, Wuerth has established itself in areas including industry, automobile service, assembly and construction. At the same time, Wuerth has been keep strengthening itself and aiming to provide better services to more clients by improving the supply chain in Haiyan area.