Würth Wins “Recommended Auto Parts Brand” Award


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On November 21st, 2014, Würth was named “Recommended Auto Parts Brand” by Auto Magazine, a prominent leader in China’s automobile information and communication industry. The award was co-sponsored by Auto Magazine and several other media including Tencent and attracted participation from hundreds of companies. After several rounds of selections, Würth stood out with unanimous recognition from the professional jury and won the “Recommended Auto Parts Brand” award. With the high performing Polymeric Surface Protection, Würth also won the “Recommended Car Care Products” award. The winning of these two awards speak to customers’ approval of Würth’s products.

The award ceremony was a festival for award winners, media and sponsors, with 300 participants witness to this moment of honor in the automobile aftermarket. Presented and sponsored by Auto Magazine, it was the first professional award selection in the auto aftermarket and has been successful hosted for eight consecutive years.

The selection process started on September 30th and lasted for two month. A jury comprised of senior editors and correspondents of Auto Magazine looked at well-established and classical products in the auto industry and selected the best performing products for the annual awards based on products quality, design, technology, post-sale service, market share and other indicators. As Europe’s leading supplier of car care products, Würth succeeded in winning two of the awards. The featured article about the selection published by Auto Magazine further enhanced publicity of Würth in the auto aftermarket.

Würth has always placed quality, service, professionalism and innovation at its heart, creating value for the clients through supplying high-quality products, tailor-made service, professional solutions and incessant innovation. By enabling clients to save time with more productivity, Würth has also made itself their outstanding partner.