Grand Opening of CDC Phase II


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On the morning of December 4th, 2018, the opening ceremony of Würth Group Greater China Central Distribution Center (hereinafter referred to as CDC) Phase II was held in Haiyan Europe (Germany) Industry Park. The executives from Würth headquarters in Germany and Würth Line China, government representatives from Jiaxing and Haiyan, and Würth Group Partners attended the opening ceremony.


Larry Stevens, CEO of Würth Line China, gave an opening speech, welcomed the guests and talked about the history and future development of CDC. Limin Zhan, Direct of Haiyan Economic District Committee, expressed his warm welcome to Würth Group and strived to work together to build a high-quality foreign capital gathering place. Rainer Bürkert, the Executive Vice President of Würth Group Industry Division, affirmed and supported this collaboration and expressed the Würth Group's strategic expectations for Würth China on this project. Suishe Wang, the county magistrate, said that the Haiyan government will continue to cooperate with the Würth Group in various aspects to help the project progress smoothly.

In the witness of both sides, Quanfa Li, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Haiyan Economic Development Zone, Xitangqiao Street Director, and Larry Stevens, CEO of Würth Line China, signed the contract for CDC Phase III. According to the contract, CDC II will start in the fall of 2019 and be delivered and put into use in 2021. By then, Haiyan will become the largest supply chain center of Würth Group in Asia Pacific region.


After the opening ceremony, the guests were divided into three groups to visit CDC Phase II and experience the efficiency and convenience brought by the smart logistics.


CDC Phase II has over 47,000 sqm logistics area, 18 loading and unloading docks, 5 zone parallel picking processes and 120,000 locations from today on – extendable to over 600,000 locations. It is estimated that the annual turnover of the project after its full operation will be no less than 2 billion RMB. It will serve customers in China as well as other Würth Group companies and customers all over the Asia-Pacific Region, integrate intelligent logistics management, further promote logistics cost reduction and efficiency, promote the development of Würth Group logistics and strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises.


In the future, Würth Group will continue to uphold the principle of serving the people and fostering economic developing hand in hand, and thereby mutually benefit from each other. Looking forward to creating more brilliant achievements together with Haiyan.