Würth Showed Up in the 2019 CIPPE Exhibition



On March 27th to 29th, 2019, Würth Line China (hereinafter referred to as Würth) attended the 19th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE 2019) held in China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing. Würth brought various products for this exhibition, including system, technical chemicals, hand tools, etc., which attracted a large number of visitors to stop around and consult.


The combination of REFILLO® and ORSY® rack system from Würth System caught the eyes of audiences. The ORSY® system has met different needs of customers.

Technical chemical products from Würth were also great highlights among exhibits. Products such as liquid butter for lubrication and abrasion resistance, copper 800 high-temperature separating agent and various anaerobic glue serve petroleum and petrochemical enterprises all over the world. During the exhibition, the sales representatives showed audiences how to use these chemical products. Such convenient operations were greatly recognized by onlookers.


There were hand tools as well that received high attention. After using these in person, the audiences were all satisfied with the excellent quality and workmanship. Some old customers who have used our products happened to be there, and they were willing to make endorsement to others and share experience on those tools. It is audience's interest in our products that has been the biggest support for Würth.


During the three days of the exhibition, Würth Line China has greatly felt the passions from the audience and their interest in Würth related products, for their constantly coming to the booth for consultation and communication. By this chance, Würth Line China not only displayed the full ranges of products but also understood the needs of customers through mutual communications. Würth Line China will always keep an open mind and grow together with the customers