Würth Auto Products Create More Value for You with German Quality


From March 25 to 26, 2019, the Spring Summit of Automotive Service World Congress 2019 was held in Guangzhou. Würth (China) Co., Ltd. (“Würth”) attended the event to present its complete line of auto products and to contribute to China’s automotive aftermarket development conference.

During the summit, a number of best-selling auto products were exhibited at Würth booth, including engine oil series, car beauty series, engine maintenance series, air conditioning maintenance series, safety protection products, etc., which attracted a large number of visitors. Mr. Ralf Kircher, Managing Director of Würth, delivered a speech at the Lean Business Innovation Summit – “Create More Value for Customers”, which was well received by visitors and guests.


In the speech, Mr. Ralf Kircher said that it was a great pleasure to share Würth’s thoughts and experiences on serving the automotive aftermarket with peers in the auto industry in China on this special day. In his speech, he mentioned that more than 7,000 employees of Würth’s Auto Division serving the automotive aftermarket, one of the earliest divisions of the Würth Group, had created a sales amount of over EUR 1 billion. At the same time, he felt proud that Würth’s existing auto repair product line could provide thousands of high-quality products for customers in the aftermarket, including but not limited to chemical products, labor protection supplies, engine oil series, car body maintenance series, brake maintenance series, workshop tools and accessories, etc., which no doubt would meet China’s fast growing automotive aftermarket demand.

During the summit, Mr. Ralf Kircher also shared some of the measures that Würth had taken to better serve the automotive aftermarket, such as professional product training, system solution support, online shop support and market support. He emphasized that Würth started as a direct-selling company, and currently also ran online shop business and telesales business in place, all of which were designed to bring our services closer to our customers. Mr. Ralf Kircher’s speech at the event gave participants a comprehensive understanding of Würth, allowing them to learn about how Würth would serve customers in the automotive aftermarket and create more value.

The communication and exchange during the Spring Summit of the Automotive Service World Congress 2019 boosted the confidence of visitors in the development of China’s automotive aftermarket. Würth, as a German brand, has been insisting on the principle that we are employees of our customers throughout its development process from Europe to China. Würth wishes to further improve our brand in China, so that customers can better recognize Würth’s products and services, and more value can be created for customers in China’s automotive aftermarket.