LYNK & CO will Join Hands with Würth to Provide Better Auto Maintenance Solutions for Consumers


Recently, LYNK & CO cooperated with Würth (China) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Würth”) recently to provide better auto maintenance solutions for consumers.

Both parties started their coopreation in 2018. To comply with LYNK & CO’s strict requirements for auto care and maintenance products, Würth chose a series of auto care and maintenance products for LYNK & CO, including fuel system, lubrication system and braking system, after mutual consultation.


After testing auto maintenance products in Heihe for the first time at the end of 2018, both parties also carried out quality tests in Heihe, Xi’an and other places subsequently to ensure product quality. Regardless of the tough test environment, the result turned to be satisfactory. In light of the above, Würth concluded a cooperation agreement finally with LYNK & CO.

Würth always insists on focusing on providing high-quality products and systematic product services for customers. The auto care and maintenance products supplied for LYNK & CO will enable it to provide all-round excellent auto care and maintenance experience for them. Both parties will work together to upgrade auto maintenance experience.

As a global auto brand jointly established by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Greely Auto Group and Volvo, LYNK & CO integrates European technology and design and global manufacturing and sales. As a new brand, LYNK & CO entered the Chinese market with its high-end positioning since its inception and employed a stringent quality ensurance procedure for supplier selection. It always seeks excellent solutions regarding the selection of auto parts and auto maintenance so as to provide all consumers with extraordinary experience.

As a leading manufacturer in assembly and fastener market worldwide, Würth is also a global renowned automobile service provider specialized in the provision of a wide range of chemical products, tools and equipment for automobile maintenance and repairing so as to provide consumers with superior auto care and maintenance products and systematic product services. As a vigorous, fast-growing young company of Würth Group, Würth China has been serving China’s auto post market with its outstanding German quality since it entered China in 1994.

Würth’s development concept is consistent with LYNK & CO’s pursuit in auto care and maintenance so they will work together to take care of your cars. Their shared concept lays a solid foundation for the cooperation.