“MORE THAN JUST DIVERSITY” — Würth Line China 25th Anniversary Celebration



On June 15, 2019, "MORE THAN JUST DIVERSITY" -- Würth Line China 25th anniversary celebration and family day were officially launched in Würth Group Greater China Central Distribution Center (CDC) Phase II (Haiyan, Zhejiang). Würth Line China employees and their families gathered with members of the news media from all walks of life to celebrate this special occasion.

In 1994, Würth Group, a global market leader in the assembly and fastening materials industry, formally entered China and established Würth (Tianjin) international Trading Co., Ltd., marking the beginning of Würth Group's development in China. Now 25 years later, Würth Group has 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries in China, with a total of more than 800 excellent employees, and established a perfect sales and service network in more than 100 cities in China. The business scope covers fasteners, industrial tools and consumables, automobile repair and maintenance, construction and other fields. Set up business divisions - Industry Division and Crafts Division(Auto, Metal and Construction) to serve the Chinese market.

The year of 25 means that the endeavor of life has just begun, and Würth's development in China is just beginning. CDC is not only a part of Würth's intelligent logistics and storage system, but also another milestone of Würth's development in China. Currently, the first and second phases of Würth Group Greater China Central Distribution Center have been put into operation, and the third phase is under planning and construction. The 25th celebration is held just in CDC Phase II today. In the future, Haiyan will become the basis of Würth's operation in Asia and even the pan-pacific.

Just as Larry Stevens, CEO of Würth Line China, said in his speech, looking back over the past 25 years, Chinese economy has been developing rapidly. Würth has experienced this process and enjoyed the opportunities brought by China's development. In the future, Würth is willing to continue to develop and grow together with China, and China will become the bright spot of Würth Group's business growth.

Respect for the past, seize the moment, and ready for the future. Over the past 25 years, Würth Line China has kept pace with the times and adjusted its strategy and innovated its development in the ever-changing market environment. In the ever-changing world, we should take the initiative to adapt and adapt quickly, and actively promote a multi-channel sales model and we realize the connection of online and offline marketing.. Now, Würth Line China has been fully prepared to create a new situation of high-quality and high-tech development with quality standards as the cornerstone and intelligent logistics and storage system as the driving force.