Würth Attended the Global Smart Factory Summit and Held a Dialogue on Smart Manufacturing in China



On June 27-28, 2019, Global Smart Factory Summit 2019 was unveiled in Songjiang, Shanghai. This conference is sponsored by Ringier Trade Media and co-organized by Shanghai Songjiang Investment Promotion Service Center. Würth (China) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Würth), as the main sponsor, attended the summit to jointly “focus on the transformation of intelligent manufacturing in China and talk about made in China 2025” with manufacturing elites and professionals such as Chambers of commerce in Germany and Italy.

With the rapid development of China's manufacturing scale, intelligent manufacturing transformation has been put on the agenda. However, in the process of new industrialization, manufacturing oriented enterprises still face many challenges, such as low efficiency of resource and energy utilization, and imperfect management system of enterprise products and consumables. In view of this, Würth proposed its own solution -- intelligent C-Parts solution at the summit, to contribute to the industrial transformation and upgrading.


During the summit, Mr. Jowe Ji, manager of Würth Systems Department, elaborated Würth's professional C-Parts management scheme on the important issue of how to help enterprises intelligently manage C-Parts. By combining applications of various CPS® modules in C-Parts management, we provide the ideal solutions to meet all kinds of customers’ requirements: from high automatic CPS®KANBAN to support with sweeping yards ORSY® rack systems. The combination of all modules can be easily to satisfy the customers in the manufacturing and supply chain control requirements in the optimization process and cost savings.

Würth CPS®KANBAN realizes the tracking of KANBAN material flow by monitoring the two-bin system. For each spare parts box, Würth has a KANBAN bar code label to record customer information, storage location, material name, batch, quantity and other material details.

ORSY® storage and ordering system developed by Würth can meet the different needs of different industries through modular rack units and provide customized solutions to simplify irregular ordering of materials without increasing personnel burden.

In addition to the C-Parts management, in view of personal protective equipment in the workshop, warehouse, tool or machine consumables, such as Würth innovative ORSY®mat vending machine system, in the service delivery, storage and supply, until the whole process automatic replenishment, the system adopts the modular design, high flexibility, can ensure automatic meet availability requirements, material requirements of transparency, not restricted by time.

Würth has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market for 25 years. Through continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs, Würth has always adhered to the concept of "Würth is quality" and provided reliable products and intimate services to customers in China. Focusing on 2025 and advancing hand in hand with Chinese intelligent manufacturing, Würth will continue to give full play to its brand advantages, escort more customers and promote development together.