11.11 Global Shopping Festival Promotion



Dear customers:

The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival is coming soon. Würth Line China launches the “2019 11.11 Sales Reward Promotion” for expressing our thanks to our customers and reward to you with Würth’s 2020 Female Model Calendars. Please read the promotion documents in detail and place orders in strict accordance with the rules of the promotion.

  • Promotion period: from now on to 15th Dec. 2019.
  • The rewards only apply to online E-shop orders.
  • Untaxed amount of the order reaches RMB 20,000 during the promotion period, one free Würth’s 2020 Female Model Calendar will be given to the you. The reward is accumulative, and each customer code can be given maximum 5 calendars.
  • The gift will be given by ADM, not be sent by order.
  • The amount of calendars is limited.

All promotion information is subject to promotion document. If there is any questions, please contact with E-Commerce Dept.