Würth Line China Participants China Wind Power 2019



From October 22nd to 24th, 2019, CWP 2019 was held in Beijing. The Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition has been successfully held for 11 years since it was first held in Beijing in 2008. The Netherlands and other multinational pavilions have gathered, nearly 100 foreign companies have participated in the exhibition. There are more than 600 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, and the professional audience is expected to reach more than 60,000, CWP 2019 once again broke the world's largest record of wind energy exhibitions maintained by itself.


With the theme of “Meeting a new era of parity and expanding new space for development”, this exhibition focuses on how to focus on developing renewable energy and establishing a multi-supply system to achieve a clean and pollution-free environment. Natural transformation of energy; How to promote renewable energy such as wind energy to get rid of the subsidies of the Ministry of Finance as soon as possible, and quickly achieve parity online; And how to use the new round of electricity reform and quota system as an opportunity to expand the development space of new wind power industry such as decentralized wind power, offshore wind power and international cooperation.


Würth (China) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Wurth") carries Würth intelligent management systems including CPS®KANBAN、ORSY®、ORSY®mat, tools and high-strength bolts for wind turbines. The series products participated in the exhibition. Würth's services and systems help customers reduce work complexity and productivity while ensuring the quality of their supply chains and products.

The development of China's wind energy industry is growing, and the demand for fasteners and C-type parts is increasing in the future. At the same time, Würth already has many systems that support the concept of Industry 4.0. For example, Kanban systems which based on RFID provide Würth's products directly to customer production lines, providing on-site inventory management for customers, ensuring stable supply and consistent data management. In terms of MRO customers, Würth's intelligent management system can be transmitted through both Würth ERP system data transmission and client ERP system, which makes product management data transparent and digital.

The Würth Group has deep cooperation with many customers in the wind energy industry. During the exhibition, CPS®KANBAN, ORSY®mat, tools and customized fasteners designed by wind energy companies have gained attention from many professionals from wind energy industry.

As the wind energy industry matures, the demand for fasteners and C-type parts will increase in the future. Würth will continue to promote the development of the industry and better serve the development of China's wind energy industry.