Würth China Appears At the 2019 PTC


On 23-26 Oct. 2019, the 2019 PTC held in Shanghai. With the slogan of "driving the future", this power transmission exhibition helps to practice "made in China 2025" with the latest products, technologies and solutions in the industry. Covering 10 theme exhibition areas of hydraulic, pneumatic, seal, gear, motor, transmission coupling, chain drive, belt drive, spring and bearing

Würth participated in the exhibition with Würth intelligent management system, fastener products, tools and chemical products including CPS®KANBAN, ORSY®mat,ORSY®.


Based on the gradual development of industrial automation, customers will have a huge demand for Würth’s products and services. More and more companies will implement lean production management in the future, among which Class C parts management is a very important part. Würth’s services and systems help customers reduce complexity and improve productivity while ensuring the quality of supply chains and products.

At the same time, Würth has many systems that support the concept of industry 4.0. For example, Würth developed the ORSY – a warehousing and ordering system. Through the modular shelf unit, ORSY system can meet the different needs of various industries and provide customized solutions. The ORSY system provides the most transparent supply process, more convenient material access, transparent inventory monitoring, fully customized storage scheme, clear product label and clear material placement at a glance. Simplify irregular ordering of materials without increasing the burden on your personnel.

In addition, at the exhibition site, Würth’s tool kits and chemicals attracted many professional customers to stop and inquire. For example, 91 integrated tool sets and zebra® series tools are neatly placed in Würth professional toolbox with complete specifications. One toolbox is equipped with all commonly used tools, which is very suitable for mobile applications.

This year is the 25th year for Würth to enter China. With its huge product line, Würth China provides one-stop service for more and more enterprises in power transmission and control technology industry, not only with high-quality fasteners, tools and chemicals, but also with customized system services. Relying on the multi-channel sales strategy of sales representative, e-mall and telemarketing, we provide 24-hour continuous customer service. In the future, Würth China will continue to maintain the quality and ingenuity of Germany, cooperate with customers for win-win results, and create a new situation of industrial 4.0 development.