Würth Industry China Attended Global Smart Factory Summit 2020


Globalization has created a prosperous and thriving international market with intricate production networks and global supply chains. The COVID-19 outbreak made the supply and demand in sudden interruption situation, exposed the vulnerability of economic globalization, seriously hindered the process of economic globalization, serious impact on the stability of the global industrial chain and the national economy, global trade demand, market demand is weak deepened, economic globalization will be the most major outbreak of the victim for a long time, before the outbreak of the already looked up "inverse" globalization of economy is more obvious.

Against this background, the fourth Global Smart Factory Summit was held on September 25, 2020 in Shanghai Songjiang, the Yuluxe, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel. During the summit, precision industry experts and guests Shared innovative technologies and discussed the topics of smart factory development. The heads of Chambers of commerce from Shanghai Songjiang District Leadership Association and the CEOs of foreign companies in various industries held a face-to-face high-level closed-door meeting during the smart factory summit to discuss in detail how the government would support the smart manufacturing enterprises to speed up their development, cope with the epidemic and help them tide over the difficulties.


Larry Stevens, CEO of Würth Industry China, was invited as special guest to attend CEO closed-door meeting. During the CEO meeting, Mr. Stevens made a short introduction about Würth Industry China and expounded intelligent system solutions provided by Würth. Sunny Ji, Vice president of Würth Industry China, and Sales director-Michelle Chen and Tony Chu together with Sales Manager-Nana Cao attended Global Smart Factory Summit to exchange opinions on Intelligent manufacturing related topics.