"Car-Care Store From Germany"--The Full Launch for Investment Invitation of Würth’s Car-Care Service


Würth Group, founded in Baden-Württemberg, Germany in 1945, is the birthplace of many automobiles. Originated and inherited from the extraordinary, Würth Group is firmly leading the industry with over 20% market share of German auto aftermarket.


In 1994, Würth introduced the concept of "Würth Premium German-style Car-care" to China, which witnessed and promoted the development of China's auto aftermarket. Würth advocates that maintenance is prior to repair and attaches great importance of every detail in cars, meeting the comprehensive needs of cars with rich and various products.


Nowadays, China's auto aftermarket has been completely reshuffled, and the industry pays more attention to the professional strength of brands. " Würth Premium German-style Car-care " means that Würth empowers the original German quality, expert team, standard operations and unified image to the Chinese stores, hitting the sore-point.

Sore-point 1: The business profits are getting increasingly lower.

With its complete product line and assurance of German quality, Würth helps stores avoid the status quo of mixed brands with uneven qualities, improving the store level.

Sore-point 2: The staff turnover rate is becoming increasingly higher.

Würth has a team of experts with decades of experience in the industry, arms each auto repair worker with three training modes (training center plus shop-to-shop training plus online training), and provides training certification to avoid the shortage of technicians.

Sore-point 3: The store needs renovation instead of the outdated decoration.

Würth has a standardized store design scheme and provides financial assistance (decoration plus tools and equipment) for store owners in case of limited funds and amateur decoration.

Sore-point 4: It becomes increasingly difficult to keep customers.

Würth's smart marketing strategy is laid out through the internet. The online flow will link to offline stores to help stores get and keep customers.

In the Q4 of 2020, "Würth Car-Care" is launching investment invitation in an all-round way.

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