Würth Brings "Premium German-style Car-care" to Automechanika Shanghai 2020


From December 2 to December 5, 2020, Automechanika Shanghai was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Würth (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Würth China”) brought "Premium German-style Car-care" to its booth F30 of Hall 5.2. In addition to high-quality products, the exhibition also witnessed the debut of several projects.


The Unbreakable Bond between Würth and Automobile

Würth Group was founded in Baden-Württemberg, Germany in 1945. Baden-Württemberg is also the birthplace of German engineer Karl Benz, the first automobile patent applicant. With the advantages of time, location and people, Würth keeps developing, and holds the leading position with over 20% market share of German auto aftermarket. From the birthplace of automobiles, Würth provides German car maintenance services for many well-known automobile brands, such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, promoting the concept of German car-care. Meanwhile, Würth has been sponsoring racing cars. In car racing, participating teams use Würth‘s tools, equipment, components and maintenance products. With passion and speed, Würth connects the world.

The Introduction of "Premium German-style Car-care" to Chinese Market

In 1994, Würth introduced the concept of "Premium German-style Car-care" to China with a full range of chemicals and equipment needed for car repair, maintenance and beauty, witnessing the development of China's auto aftermarket, and creating safe and comfortable experience for car owners with its professionalism and expertise. Würth advocates that maintenance is prior to repair and attaches great importance to every detail in cars. With its rich and various products, Würth is meeting the comprehensive needs from exquisite appearance to outstanding performance of cars, and aiming at helping car owners with the value preservation of cars.


The Surprising Debut of Würth’s Exclusive Ambassador

After entering China, Würth has not only devoted itself to spreading the concept of "Premium German-style Car-care", but also looked for like-minded partners to jointly create standardized services, based on local demand, and constantly sought a balance among German car-care, Chinese car owners and auto repair stores to boost the healthy development of the auto aftermarket. On the first day of the exhibition, the first “Würth’s Exclusive Ambassador“ turned up. With decades of experience in auto aftermarket and front-line operation expertise, Mr. Wang Fuchun, co-founder of Yuechefang, was awarded the title of ambassador by Mr. Ralf Kircher, CEO of Würth China.

The Invitation from Würth Car-Care Store

Würth not only devotes itself to providing expertise and concept of German car maintenance to every car owner, but also helps auto repair stores to hit their business sore-points. Würth has brought German standardized car maintenance stores to China. By strictly following German standards, including store decoration, operational specifications, and product lines, Würth helps stores solve problems such as low business profits, high staff turnover, outdated store decoration and difficult customer retention.

Würth China started the "Würth Car-Care" project in 2020, which has been developing steadily. Würth has reached out to more than 100 stores, and plans to establish more than 500 Würth car-care stores nationwide in the near future. In November, 2020, the first Würth Exclusive Car-care Store was successfully put into trial operation in Jinshan, Shanghai. The shop owner, Mr. Guo Chunhao, also attended the press conference of Würth car-care project, and shared the construction process and blueprint of the store with Mr. Cliff Wang, Vice President of Würth China-Sales.

Sincere Wishes from the Exclusive Strategic Partner

Würth China has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with many dealers this year, and Shanghai Jianxin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Jianxin") is one of them. Shanghai Jianxin is Würth China's exclusive repair partner in Shanghai, Suzhou and Ningbo. During the exhibition, Li Li, Managing Director of Shanghai Jianxin, attended the ribbon-cutting event, wishing that both parties can cooperate smoothly and shape a new layout in the auto aftermarket in the coming year.


More on that in the Exhibition

There are many highlights in the game section, which attracted many audiences. The new lithium-battery wrench at the exhibition was also jointly released by Würth and dealers. With its eye-catching shape and excellent performance, the new wrench became one highlight immediately. In addition, many new dealers went to the booth for on-site signing ceremony, which laid a solid foundation for the cooperation next.

After 26-year of deep immersion in Chinese market, Würth has always insisted on applying German quality to promote the healthy development of the auto aftermarket, paying equal attention to products and services with a combination of inheritance and innovation. With the increasing number of Würth exclusive ambassadors and Würth car-care stores, we firmly believe that the future auto aftermarket will have infinite vitality, and we also look forward to giving more car owners exclusive German service and opening up a new era in Chinese car-care market.