Limited Edition Products with Reinhold Würth’s Signature


With its “Limited Edition”, Würth has demonstrated once more quite impressively that tools are not just useful helpers, but can indeed be real gems. In every year’s “Limited Edition”, an extraordinary product is offered that, apart from premium workmanship and high-level utility value, stands out thanks to its ex-quisite, attractive design. In 2021, the “Reinhold Würth Limited Edition” even surprises with two exclusive offers: the ½-inch torque wrench 40 - 200 Nm and a tool case consisting of 50 pieces.



Würth’s new torque wrench comes with an easy-to-read dual scale display-ing both Nm and lbf.ft.


An additional micrometer scale allows for very precise setting of the torque in steps of 1 Nm. The mushroom-head-type reversible square, which can be inserted into the torque wrench from both sides, represents another product feature. This allows the wrench to be used for clockwise and counterclockwise tightening. The specially shaped handle with shoulder reduces the risk of slipping and therefore also the risk of injury. Additionally, the torque wrench is equipped with an adjustment guard making sure that the torque can only be set in an unlocked position. The tool is classified according to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017, type II, and comes with a calibration certificate.


Würth offers a new tool case for mobile repairs at workshops.


Among others, the case contains an adjustable wrench, a cutter, two pliers, a tape rule, as well as a hammer. Furthermore, you will find 20 bits and a bit holder, as well as various Allen keys in the tool case. Included in the delivery are also ratchets, extensions and ¼-inch socket wrench inserts. All the tools are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant material.

For storage in the case, a two-colored plastic shell with integrated recesses is used to hold the tools in place by means of clamping effect. Not even bumpy roads will bring the tools in disarray. At the same time, the plastic shell provides an excellent overview and ensures fast access to the tools. Thanks to the sophis-ticated arrangement of the different tools, we were able to create a robust, com-pact case that comes with high-quality aluminum-hinged case locks.

From the proceeds of each product sold, Würth will donate two euro for each product sold to a charitable organization.