Würth Winning the “Top 10 Most Valuable Brands of 2013 Award”


In the end of May 2014, the industry Oscar “New Force of China-Hardware Industry Top 10 of the 2013 Award Selection” was held in Beijing. With its outstanding performance, high quality products and service in 2013, Würth received wide recognition and support in the selection process from professional jury and online audience, finally winning the” Top 10 Most Valuable Brands of 2013 Award”.

The award presentation ceremony attracted over 300 people, including industry leaders, experts, professional buyers and Medias as they gathered to witness the moment of honor of China’s hardware industry. The selection process was sponsored by HC360 and guided by the China National Hardware, Electric and Chemical Products Commercial Association, and is entitled” Data transmission in the future, Brand light the world”. The ceremony presented 6 awards including: Top 10 most valuable brands, Top 10 high quality service providers, Top 10 power tool brands, Top 10 hand tool brands, Top 10 compressed air tool brands, Top 10 abrasive suppliers.

Würth participated in the “Top 10 Most Valuable Brands” in the middle of February this year. This selection mainly aimed at the brands in the hardware industry. It evaluated in many aspects including product research and development, innovation, economic leading and management measures. Würth was far ahead of others in the online pool and received unanimous approval and recognition from the professional jury and finally won the award.

The Würth Group is world market leader in its core business, the trade in assembly and fastening material. Würth always puts quality in the first position. We offer hand tools, power tools, compressed air tools, chemical products and variety of consumable products. We insist on innovation, improve our product design to provide our customers with comfortable and efficient products. To serve the customer needs, sales force of Würth-Line China is visiting customers day by day providing competent advice and fast delivery, implementing Würth direct selling model in China.