On 29th, Dec, after positive visit and communication by Mr. Zeng Lige, Sales Director of Chongqing company and Mr. Duan Qibing, Sales Director of Guangzhou company with Geely Top Management, Mr. Li Xiang, Metal Area Manager, Mr. Zhang Yuanhang, Customer Training Manager, allied with Mr. Wugang, Guizhou Metal Area Manager, and sales reps Zhouhong and Huang Mingde, held Würth Product Communication Conference in Geely Guiyang New Energy Automobile Industry Project Base.


This conference break the area limit, and realize the cross cooperation between Chongqing and Guangzhou company, share information together. The hot discussion is about ORSY system, REFILLO and hand tools, electrical tools and pneumatic tools. Guiyang Geely Top Management and their Production Department give us high comment on our brand and products. Our first stage achieved good effect. In the next stage we plan to invite their medium, top Management and Guiyang municipal leadership to Kangqiao office, and visit ORSY training center, receiving more detailed and professional system solution introduction. This conference would be a good start for next year.

Guiyang Geely Industry Project located at Guanshan Lake Region, total plan investment around 10.2 billion yuan, annual capacity estimates 300 thousand carload including 100 thousand methanol-fueled cars and 200 thousand gas cars. It covers 1197 acre, and have completed Assembly, painting, stamping, welding factory and relevant manage center and life facilities. In the end of 2017, first car production line would be come off.