Another enhancement of Wurth Group’s Supply Chain Center in Greater China region witnessed together by Germany and Haiyan



Government officials including Wang Suishe, Deputy Secretary of County Party Committee and Deputy County Chief warmly received the delegation led by the Mayor Glatthaar in the morning. A delegation comprised of Mr. Rainer Bürkert, Executive Vice President of Wurth Group, Mr. Ralf Lagerbauer, Senior Vice President of Wurth Group, Mr. Paul Krämer, Head of Construction and Coordination Department of Wurth, Mr. Larry Stevens, CEO of Wurth China and Vice President of Wurth China attended the meeting.


The local environment, economic development and culture in the German city Bad Mergentheim and Haiyan were introduced in the meeting, and both parties believed that Wurth will serve as a bridge that connects both cities and wished a brighter future for Wurth China’s development in Haiyan.

Udo Glatthaar said that “My hometown shares my common features with Haiyan and I sincerely invite you to visit the city to learn about the environment, commerce and tourism culture, visit enterprises and digitalized offices. Many thanks to Wurth that connects our cities, and I believe we will have better cooperation and communication in the future.”

A Sister Cities Memorandum was later signed by Udo Glatthaar and Wang Suishe, representative on behalf of Haiyan, which further enhanced the partnership between Haiyan and Bad Blatthaar thanks to the matchmaker Wurth.

Both parties proceeded to visit the project site of Wurth after the meeting to start the ground-breaking ceremony for the phase-II project of Wurth Group’s Supply Chain Center in Greater China region. The ground-breaking ceremony was also attended by Sheng Quansheng, Deputy Mayor of Jiaxing and leaders from provincial and municipal development & reform, business and commerce authorities. This marked another remarkable moment jointly witnessed by German and Chinese stakeholders after the kick-off of Wurth’s Phase-I project. The Phase-I project covers an area of 360 thousand square meters and is designed to provide logistic service support for Southeast Asia, South Korea and Pacific Ocean area.

Led by Mr. Liu Wen, a visit was paid to the Phase-I building of Wurth Supply Chain Center after the ceremony. The building was officially put into operation in April 2016 and currently has nearly 80 thousand storage locations.