Zhengzhou Metro Brand Communication Meeting

Invited by Purchasing Department of Zhengzhou Metro Company, Wuerth participated in their brand communication meeting in the area of tools. We aimed at being shortlisted in their supplier system in 2018 in terms of our high-quality, cost effective products. The brand communication meeting also included brands such as Facom, KNIPEX,Wera, SATA Stanley, etc. The competition was really intense. West II Area Manager Mr. Zhang Zhijie, Zhengzhou sales rep Mr. Wang Dianchuang and Trainer Mr. Zhang Yuanhang participated in this meeting.

The brand communication meeting was divided into company introduction and product introduction. We introduced Wuerth in great detail in customer concerned areas such as company scale, product quality, after-sales service, etc. On the other hand, we had heated discussion and communication in terms of ORSY®, REFILLO®, special hand tools, power tools, etc. Wuerth and our products were acknowledged by engineers from different maintenance departments, which laid a solid foundation for the future customer purchasing plan.