Würth Line China was Invited to Attend the 2019 INPOM



On 5-6 Sept. 2019, the 2019 INPOM was held in Haiyan, Zhejiang. Würth (China) Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Würth”) was invited to attend this conference. The purpose of this conference was to discuss the safety, economy, as well as operating and maintenance team management by setting up eight sessions, including Valve,In-service inspection, Steam Turbine, Electric, Industrial safety and Radiation Prevention, Smart operating and maintenance, Spare parts purchasing management and Equipment lubrication management. The conference attracted more than 500 representatives from over 150 domestic and oversea units, and has won high attention and positive feedback from both nuclear power professionals and the press.


Würth, as an intimate partner within nuclear power industry, we maintain decent cooperation for the past 20 years with units and companies relevant to nuclear power starting from the beginning of this century. Our dedication to the markets for the nuclear power has received recognition from different units under China National Nuclear Cooperation, China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) and National Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd. Furthermore, in order to satisfy the increasing demands of intellectualization of material management from customers in nuclear power field, we have presented our solutions in this conference such as ORSY®mat, ORSY® etc. All these relevant solutions and equipment have received compliments from Nuclear Power carriers, Nuclear Power design institutes, Nuclear Power maintenance service companies and Nuclear Power operating and maintenance companies. These will bring practical and effective help to nuclear power customers in the fields of foreign body prevention management of nuclear power plants and relieve the pressure of appliances during overhaul of nuclear power plants.


With the development of the new energy industry, Würth will also use better products and services to reduce management costs and save management time for customers; improve work efficiency; reduce potential risks, and enable intelligent and automated development of new developments in the nuclear power industry.